What Are ‘Organic’ Versus Paid Search Engine Listings?

When an user search something / keyword on a search engine like Google or Bing, the engine displays results which are a combination of organic and paid search results. The main content which displays is the organic search results which are unpaid and consists of genuine content and was indexed based on a very complex search algorithm of google. The paid search results are generally displayed at the top, bottom and right sidebar under sponsored or paid results section. This is the area where the results are shown based on bids placed for that particular search keyword. The search algorithm… Read More

What is search engine optimization and why should I care?

Want to understand how to bring traffic your way organically without spending much on ads.Don’t worry, in this post, we will discuss what is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and why its important for you. We will also give you a brief on how Google search works. At the end we’ll give you few resources and a complete course on SEO for beginners. What is Search Engine Optimization? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving internal and external aspects of a website, or Web page, to increase its organic visibility for search engines. SEO involves editing the website’s HTML… Read More

How to start Email Marketing and What are Benefits of Email Marketing?

Launching new product, or a website/blog and want to reach your audience immediately, than Email marketing is the best tool to launch your product. A well defined Email marketing campaign strategy can take your marketing to next level. In this post we’ll tell you exactly how you can use email marketing and its benefits. To start immediately, you can choose any of the marketing plans below, or continue reading on benefits and how to start. By using email marketing, you can reach a lot of audience organically and use the same client base to do re-marketing campaigns. By selling different… Read More

TLD Registration Restrictions

TLDs and ccTLDs Registration Restrictions None. .am None. .asia If your business, organization, or community group is located in the Asia-Pacific region or if at least one of your domain name contacts resides there, you can register a .asia domain name. See Registering .asia Domain Names for more information. .at None. .be None. .biz None. If the registrant or administrative contact do not have a valid Brazilian address, we provide a trustee service for the registration. See Registering .br Domain Names for more information. None. .ca Eligible applicants can register .ca domain names on a first-come, first-served… Read More

What are domain zone files and zone records?

Zone files organize the zone records for domain names and subdomains in a DNS server. Every domain name and subdomain has a zone file, and each zone file contains zone records. These files, editable in any plain text editor, hold the DNS information linking domain names and subdomains to IP addresses. Zone files usually contain several different zone records. NOTE: Although domain names might have subdomains, the zone files for subdomains are not considered sub-zone. All zone files are separate entities and do not have a hierarchical structure. The most common records contained in a zone file are start of… Read More